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Pre-Op Supplement Diet Tips

Many bariatric patients are required to be on a pre-surgical very low calorie diet (VLCD). A VLCD is designed to have you in the best condition possible to undergo a surgical procedure. The VLCD should help reduce the size of your liver and in doing so will minimize the risk factors that go along with bariatric surgery. Be sure to follow the diet as prescribed to you by your bariatric surgical team to reduce the chances of any complications.

Here are nine tips we recommend to bariatric patients when it’s time to start the pre-surgical diet.

1. Add Davinci Sugar-Free syrups to protein shakes for extra flavor. These can be found in the coffee aisle at most grocery stores. For a large selection of flavors visit:
You may use any flavor that is calorie free on the website.

2. You might want to purchase a protein shaker bottle because they are designed for you to easily shake up the mixture and drink it straight from the bottle. You can find these shaker bottles at various nutritional and retail stores.

3. Choose at least one of the Bari Life Bouillon Protein Soups (chicken or beef) to consume every day. This helps add variation to your diet by providing a salty flavor. These soups will help curb salty cravings when used as a part of a daily diet.
➢ Let the soup mixture set for 3-5 minutes so that the protein dissolves and rids of any gritty texture.

4. Try using protein chips as your afternoon snack or as your next supplement following a soup supplement to give you a crunchy texture.

5. Blend together ice, protein shake powder and water in a blender for a cold milkshake consistency!

6. Freeze protein shakes for a frozen treat!

7. Add Crystal Light (or equivalent) to any protein shake to change the flavor
➢ Add cherry Crystal Light to a chocolate protein shake
➢ Add strawberry Crystal Light to a chocolate or vanilla protein shake

8. Add mint extract to chocolate protein shakes for a chocolaty mint taste OR even add banana extract to a vanilla protein shake for a yummy banana treat!

9. Add instant decaf coffee to chocolate protein shakes for a chocolaty coffee delight!

To your health!
The Bari Life Team
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