Auto-Refill Program

Never Run Out of Your Supplements Again!

Get your supplements automatically shipped to your doorstep every month!

Autoship Member Benefits

Flat Rate Shipping + 5% off on ALL Autoship orders

5% off ALL protein supplements

Add one-off items to upcoming Autoship orders!

Never run out of your supplements again!

Cancel or modify your schedules!

Peace of mind that the right supplements are on their way!

Getting started with Autoship is easy!

Step 1: Choose the vitamins you want to have delivered on a regular schedule
Step 2: Select “Autoship” on the product page instead of “One-Time Purchase”
Step 3: Checkout like usual!

Once your order is completed you will be automatically enrolled in the autoship membership and will be granted immediate access to the member benefits.

From here on, every scheduled autoship order will be discounted and autoship orders over $100 ship free. You’ll never have to worry about running out again!

Autoship saves you 5% on protein supplements

In addition to low Flat Reate Shipping + 5% OFF on scheduled Autoship orders, you unlock a 5% discount on all Bari Life protein supplements.

All you have to do is maintain an active autoship schedule of at least one vitamin product and you’ll be automatically be granted the special 5% discounted autoship member pricing!

Just login to your account and shop like normal and enjoy the massive savings!

Please Note: During promotional sale periods protein products may be ineligible for additional Autoship membership discounts.

Add one-off items to an upcoming Autoship order

Maybe you’re craving some protein bars or you need some high protein and low-calorie snacks like our protein chips. You can easily add any of our protein supplements to your upcoming schedule without putting them on autoship!

Just add them to your next scheduled order, here's how:

Step 1: Visit the product that you want to add to your next scheduled order

Step 2: Choose the option “Add to my next order”

Step 3: Add the product to your cart like normal

Step 4: Complete the checkout process

That’s all you have to do to add a one-off item to your next scheduled Auto-Ship order.

Updating your Autoship schedule is easy

Just sign in to your account and click on the “Autoship” tab:


Cancellations and Modifications

All autoship program orders can be canceled at any time. We have made this autoship program to make getting your supplements easier and more affordable. You need vitamins every month and if you choose Bari Life as your vitamin provider we want you to get the most out of everything we have to offer you to live your healthiest and best life possible. We do have a policy in place to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the program.

If the program is canceled before receiving your third order, a one-time flat rate shipping charge of $8.99 will be charged to the account. If you cancel after your first order during a special promotion you will be charged the full amount for that product. If any protein supplements were purchased in the first two orders and you cancel before the third-order you will be charged for the full price for the protein supplements as well. We believe this is fair because the point of the auto-ship program benefits is to reward our loyal and returning customers. Any product returned after the cancellation of an order is subject to the guidelines set forth in the return policy.

The fraudulent use of any discounts set forth in this promotion may be subject to additional fees. Free shipping is only applicable to orders within the United States.


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