Just One + BariBurst Watermelon Duo (3 Month)

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Just One + BariBurst Duo

A complete bundled solution for all of your bariatric vitamin needs

“How do I know if I’m getting enough vitamins to stay healthy?”

After bariatric surgery, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you’re getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy. With all of the options out there it’s hard to know exactly what you need and what you don’t.

The unfortunate truth is that deficiencies will happen if you don’t take the right amounts and right types of vitamins and minerals.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you and bundled everything that you need together so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.

With the Just One + BariBurst Duo you get…

Just One Multivitamin with Iron ( 1 Bottle of 30 Count)

Just One Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron 30 ct.

Just One is a once-daily multivitamin with iron for bariatric patients who want to know they’re getting all of their nutrients without having to take handfuls of pills every day.

  • Each bottle is a one (1) month supply for Gastric Bypass and Sleeve patients
  • One fast-dissolving pill per day
  • Formulated based on the most recent ASMBS Nutritional Guidelines
  • Designed specifically for gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients
  • Developed using the expertise of an entire team of Bariatric medical professionals
  • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility

Just One Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron Vanilla Scented

Vanilla scented and special easy-swallow coating!

In Just One tablet you get :

Just One Supplement Values

See supplement fact label for all supplement values.

BariBursts Calcium Citrate Chews – Watermelon (1 Bag of 90 count)

BariBursts 90ct. Watermelon Calcium Citrate Bites

BariBursts are a DELICIOUS way to help you get the calcium you need to stay healthy after bariatric surgery.

  • Each bag is a month supply for Gastric Bypass and Sleeve patients
  • Enjoy three (3) delicious 500 mg calcium citrate chews per day!
  • Designed specifically for all bariatric patients
  • Developed using the expertise of an entire team of Bariatric medical professionals
  • Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility
  • Juicy watermelon flavor you look forward to tasting!

BariBursts Watermelon Calcium Citrate Watermelon Burst

We use 100% calcium citrate in our products, including BariBursts!

In 3 tasty, individually wrapped chews you get :

BariBursts Watermelon Calcium Citrate Supplement Values

One Chew has: 500mg Calcium Citrate, 1000 IUs Vitamin D3 and 30mg Magnesium.

Bundle and Save 15% Every Month

When you purchase Just One and BariBursts separately it will cost you $49.99/month, but when you buy the bundle you will save 15% every single month, that’s nearly $10 every month on ALL of your bariatric vitamin needs.

$1 Shipping on Autoship

One Dollar AutoShip Dr B

Want to make the deal even sweeter? Put the Just One + Bari Burst Duo on AutoShip for convenience and even more savings.

With AutoShip you get to:

  • Enjoy $1 Shipping on every order, every month
  • Never run out of your complete regimen again
  • Automate your supplements and stay healthy with peace of mind

The Big Mistake Patients Make

When bariatric patients think about vitamins it’s common for them to prioritize one component of the entire regimen. In most bariatric vitamin regimens there are 3 supplements:

Reason 1


Reason 2


Reason 3


When there are 3 different supplements that you have to take, one will be considered “most important” and the other two will be viewed as optional.

This creates a danger zone for bariatric patients…

The danger zone after bariatric surgery

Each of those supplements is vital to your health now and in the long-term after bariatric surgery. By omitting just one of those components opens you up to unnecessary risk that can cause serious health problems down the road. Don’t let that happen to you!!

Protect Yourself with the Bundle

Just One and BariBursts Duo

When you bundle Just One and BariBursts Calcium you’re making sure that all of the components of your vitamin regimen arrive at your front door every single month. There’s no chance that you forget or run out because we’ve timed it up perfectly for you.