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“The Bariatric Mulitvitamin Powder – Orange flavor – is very tasty and has been my go to for the past 6 years. I recently ordered the new Lemonade flavor, in the “to go” packets. Outstanding idea! I am a fire fighter so they’re very convenient for my job environment. I honestly have to say it is the best flavor and my new favorite. Thank you for out outstanding customer service and commitment to innovation in patient care and service.”

– Kevin, 2017

“AMAZING – The Bari Life Multivitamins are much better than the other brand I was taking. These vitamins are easy to swallow and the vanilla coating has a pleasant taste. I will continue to order these vitamins. They are a life savor.”

– Montie, 2017

“Great communication. Awesome company!! My Doctor doesn’t carry these vitamins so I have to buy direct and I have never had any issues. Always fast shipping too!”

– Heather, 2017

“I love this stuff! I have tried all the powders and the lemonade flavor is the best!!”

– Mary, 2017

“I consider my Bari Life multivitamins my life savers to a healthy and happy life after weight loss surgery. I take six of them every night before I go to bed. I am comforted in knowing they are a quality multivitamin and were developed specifically for bariatric patients. Their vanilla scented coating makes them easy to swallow. I know I am not short changed on vitamins when taking Bari Life!”

– Becky, 2017

“The Absolute Best Bariatric Vitamin Ever. After my Roux-en-Y in 2003 and loosing 170 pounds, I got careless with my health and stopped taking my supplements, which led to a close call with my overall health. Bari Life’s vanilla coated caplets are super easy to swallow and have made a huge difference in the way I feel. I take 3 with breakfast and 3 more in the evening with supper.”

– Robert, 2017

“I love the Bari Life Lemonade Single Packets for travel/on the go! The packets are convenient to carry in my luggage or purse. The lemonade flavor is very good and it mixes well with water.”

– Linda, 2017

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“Bari Life’s Multivitamin tablets are excellent. I love the ease of not having to take multiple vitamins daily. These are perfect and I have no nausea when taking them.”

– Becca, 2017

“Bari Life’s new Lemonade Powder is AWESOME. This new powder tastes great, dissolves perfectly, and is smooth with no horrible after taste. Very good job Bari Life!”

– Chandra, 2017

“Fresh Lemonade Flavor! This is the best vitamin flavor I have had from their products. I will be buying again.”

– Chad, 2017