Meet Dr. B | Bari Life

Be Good to Yourself

Allow me to introduce myself. My friends call me Dr. B, and I’m going to be there for you every day to help make your new life better. You’re a busy bee, so let me help make it easier for you to take care of yourself.

You’re going through a lot of exciting changes after bariatric surgery. It’s not always easy to become a new you, but this is a huge step towards improving your health and body. Congratulations. Now, let me help you make the most of your new life!

Many people have had a hard time with other types of supplements. They were hard to swallow, smelled funny and there were too many bottles of things to take at different times. That’s why I’m here… to show you a better way and to protect you from things that could cause harm by not providing the proper nutritional needs.

Let’s start by changing the way you look at bariatric supplements. I know some people are afraid of “bees” or supplements, but even if you’ve hated taking “medicine” before, you’ll find we’re not like all the rest!

Let me ‘bee’ your friend and show you how to give yourself more energy after surgery and throughout your new journey. I’m here to help you feel better and keep you on track… hey, that’s what good friends are for, right?!

So, be good to yourself by taking the right supplements for your body. I’m here to help make it easy, so you can go new places, do new things and enjoy life more!