Comparison Chart | Bari Life

Our Commitment to Quality

The Bari Life® custom multivitamin formula meets or exceeds all of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) Clinical Practice guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplementation. Bari Life® is the only company to offer bariatric patients this truly complete all-in-one bottle regimen.

One Simple Regimen

Clinically Proven, the Bari Life® Multivitamin Powder and Multivitamin Tablet increase patient compliance to a vitamin regimen and even more importantly to the ASMBS recommendations by 100% following bariatric surgery. The reason is simple: Bari Life’s all-in-one formula encourages adherence to the ASMBS recommendations because it’s effective, simple to take, convenient and affordable.

Is Bari Life for me?

When trying to decide whether or not to try Bari Life® ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Why should I try to piece together my vitamin regimen when I can get everything I need from one bottle?
  2. Should I use another brand and buy multiple products to piece together the complete vitamin regimen or should I spend less money, use something that is clinically proven and all-in-one?

The key elements we hope you can take away from reviewing the comparison chart is that Bari Life® offers a complete all-in-one option that meets or exceeds the ASMBS recommendations, whereas other bariatric vitamin brands require the patient to purchase more than one product to achieve the daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Patients taking Bari Life’s Complete Bariatric Multivitamins are significantly less likely to develop deficiencies and more likely to succeed in their new life after surgery.